Marcel - Full Bio

Marcel is a passionate multilingual Latin Pop Artist, widely known for his melodic fusion of Middle Eastern musical influences along with the upbeat, soul-lifting sounds of Latin music. In addition to singing and writing his own music, he also is an avid dancer.  
Hailing from Tehran, Iran, Marcel’s passion for music and singing began early on, but his first love was soccer. Quickly cultivating an aptitude for the sport, he was drafted into soccer teams across Latin America, leading him to residing in Costa Rica for several years and Mexico City for several more. Due to an unfortunate soccer injury, he then made the decision to relocate to Los Angeles. It wasn’t long before he started falling in love with the unique, vibrant Latin culture that was prevalent throughout the city. This unwavering passion ultimately blossomed into a full-blown career as a Latin Pop Star. 
However, Marcel’s injury didn’t deter him from soccer entirely. One of his biggest dreams is to create charities and build soccer fields for underprivileged children. As a lifelong family man, he also strives to provide for his loved ones who have always encouraged him to follow his heart. 
Today, Marcel has the opportunity to work directly with top LA producers to bring his vision to life. This New Year, he will be launching a project he has been meticulously working on for the past year. His debut music video was filmed in Mexico City as a homage to where he truly fell in love with the culture.



I only hope to reach and inspire people. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. I am thankful for the opportunities God has put before me and I promise to everyone I love to deliver on them. 


Much love,